Monday, June 11, 2007

Benefit of Sitting In Front of a Computer ALL DAY

The new job is in full force. I've been here three weeks, have taken my first corporate trip (to Charleston, SC and I'll blog on that later), created a to-do list that is currently 17 items long for today, and received my business cards. It's been nice to have an office to go to daily (especially considering that it is less than 3 miles from my house). I have become an "office employee", meaning that I participate in pot-lucks, meetings in a conference room, pranks and sit in front of a computer quite often.

It's been a shift, but one of my co-workers introduced me to this website:

Anyone who is into anything outdoors must add it as a bookmark. I warn you -- as he did me -- it is quite addicting. But, damn they have some great deals.

P.S. We run on MAC's at the new company -- I'll never go back.

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Michelle Ruth said...

but have you acquired any nice potted plants yet to decorate your office space? :-)