Sunday, January 21, 2007

Football and other weekend musings...

I was thrilled to see the Colts pull it out over the Patriots. And the Bears....I've been rooting for them all season. It's going to be a good Super Bowl. I couldn't believe that the owner of the Colts mentioned God as did the head coach as "the Lord" in both of their acceptance speeches of the trophy. Good for them. Didn't realize the networks wouldn't bleep it out...
I'm getting ready to head out for two weeks straight. Ugh.
Training is going well. Rode a trainer ride with my coach today. He killed me but I'm getting faster. I feel good about training in the middle of winter. I feel like it gives me a head start...Until I get a call from Michelle who tells me it's 70 degrees in San Diego and she's just finished a half marathon. Hopefully this altitude thing will help me eventually...Here's the race I'm registered for and frieking out about -- It's my home page so I look at it everytime I turn on the computer. I must say -- it is motivating and makes me get to the treadmill at gross hotel closet work out rooms whose equipment is from 1982.
And I finally saw Little Miss Sunshine. Loved it. We also saw "Alpha Dog". You will either love it or hate it. I won't spoil it for you. Someone give me some good reccomendations for movies...I'm running out of things to watch on the plane (when I should be working :))....

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Return to Blogging and Home Improvement

Ryan reminded me about the importance of blogging. So here I am. I had written a lengthy blog over the holidays when I was on some ridiculous slow speed connection and didn't have the good sense to save it. So -- rather than recap an entire six weeks, I'll pick up here and probably fill in the details later.

I'm back on the road having been home (and home at Mom and Dad's in CA) for over 3 weeks. I started to feel like a normal person. Now I'm living in hotel rooms for the next 8 weeks. It's ridciulous, but looks something like this: Vegas. NYC. Home for 36 hours. Charlotte. Lancaster, PA. Boston. NYC. Cleveland. Home for 48 hours.Pittsburgh. Buffalo. Home for 36 hours. NYC. Harrisburg, PA. Home for 3 days -- Whoa. Billings, MT. Home for 48 hours. San Fran. Sacramento. Fresno. -- Yep, that takes us through the end of February. Now that I write this out in this fashion, I realize I am crazy.

Since I was home and have lived in my house in SLC for just over a year, I finally decided to put up some paint and have the wood floor installed. May I say that I am learning to like home improvement? The floor thing was a little much -- I started to panic when carpet came out, baseboards came off, and the house looked as it was moving backward in time. But Dallas finished it while I was out of town, which was probably a good thing, and now it is beautiful. As far as painting is concerned, I have a long way to go. I stink at taping properly and not getting paint on the ceiling no matter what gadget I use that Home Depot employees asssure me is "the solution." I'm learning, both how to paint and how to be a little more patient.