Monday, March 19, 2007

Weekends when you travel for business

It's funny how people ask you what you did over the weekend as if they expect it to hold some exciting thing that they missed out on. News flash people -- weekends for people who travel for business involve staying home, eating cold cereal rather than the breakfast buffett, catching up on movies and naps, working out in your own gym, and figuring out ways to decorate your space which you are only in 2 days of the 7 day week. I like being home. We have been "dog sitting" for the neighbor's dog -- who practically lives at my house when I am home. Borrowed pets are the best. We take him to the dog park (here is comedy if you ever wanted to see it) and put lamp shades on his head and take pictures -- Dallas says he never thought he would be this kind of person, but he is far worse than me. They have a morning "hug" and Dallas is always thinking of what concontion he can feed Brock. I'm not sure he has the spoiled life of Rilo, Michelle and Lloyd's patterdale terrier, but he is living the good life. Ok, I'm guilty too, I found myself in the "pet attire" aisle of Target. It was fun. People will probably say we need kids :) You can't give kids back to the neighbors! LOL
P.S. The airlines lost my bag again today -- thats twice in less than a month. I'm just waiting for the third time....

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

What we get used to...

This was the view from my hotel this morning in Ocean City Maryland a.k.a. the "White Marlin" capital of the world. Just as an FYI -- March is not the "high season" here in the "east coast O.C.", but it certainly is not short on beautiful sunrises. Being from the west coast, I never quite get used to seeing the sun rise over the ocean. I didn't think much of it this morning when I took this picture...

Later in the day I found out that an client of mine had their 13 year old son die of a heart attack over the weekend. Up until that point I had taken this day for granted...Be grateful for each one.
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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Jen and Ryan Plus One

I feel I am in constant repentance when I write. I had intended to be a dedicated blogger like some other people I know and it is just not happening. Enough apologizing. I'll write when I can. No one comments anymore so I'm thinking everyone has given up on checking this -- Ok, I'll repent and write more frequently.

Jen and Ryan are getting ready to have a baby. They are what I used to refer to as my "single married friends" becuase they were the only couple I knew who I could still communicate with and not be made to feel guilty because I wasn't married or didn't have children. OK -- a bit less of exaggeration is probably more appropriate -- they are a few more than them, but not many. They are in full swing now and we missed seeing them last weekend when we were in Sacramento. Best of luck on the birth of Lilly you two -- I can't wait to meet her.