Friday, November 24, 2006


Dallas and I took a much needed, last minute jaunt to Hawaii. He had never been and we were there for 4 days and 4 nights. And although we both tried our hardest to not work, it was inevitable that we checked e-mail and had to make a few phone calls. Nonetheless it was nice to be back on the islands. We are thinking of making it a Thanksgiving tradition. Here's a few pics...I'll post details later (including how on the flight over we reinacted 'Airplane' and the flight attendant asked "Is there a doctor on board?" A first...even for me.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

I'm converted

I officially became part of the I-Pod ownership club a few weeks ago. May I just say that if I knew what I had been missing out all along, I wouldn't have taken nearly this long to get one. I got the 30G video version in black. I love it. In fact, I am obsessed with it for several reasons:

1. I grew up on music. It is nostalgic. In fact, tonight as I was driving back from Fresno to Sacramento listening to "Out of Africa" by Toto, I remembered that song being on the "demo tape" that came with our Ford Econoline tan van with 12 seats when I was a kid. Previously we had only had radio, so a tape player was a big deal. Dallas is not in love with music like this and there is probably something to be said for sitting in silence and thinking. However, I remember that when Alan and I broke up, Ryan made a CD for me that represented exactly how I felt. It was perfect. Sometimes music can say what we can't.

2. For as much as I travel, it gives one some feeling of being "home" with your own music. The radio converter travels with me and it has been amazing. When you are playing certain songs in certain parts of the country, they sound better. Juice can probably explain this.

3. Podcasts. I've been subscribing to everything ... "60 second Science" ,"Harvard Business Review", "Podrunner -- Music for Spinning, Running, Etc", "Nova", "Live Stand Up Comedy Hour", etc. They are free. I love them.

I have a soundtrack for my life and I love it. If you don't have one yet -- get one.